Bunny de luxe*

With fresh new glazes the „Glazed Bunnies“ get one in the right mood for spring. Our "Wedding Bunny in Love" is in wedding fever, while the "Bavarian Bunny in Love" takes us into the summer time and conveys through the dirndl and leather trousers the typical Bavarian feeling of life. Both couples are limited editions.

The "Turquoise", "Green" and "Pink" Bunny gives brightness to each ambience and set colour accents. The overall picture is completed by the timeless ball vases.

Timeless models from the Goebel archives make us look back to a long and successful history. They inspire us to recreate some of the most charming characters in our “de luxe” collection. 

The Bunny De luxe* bunnies from Goebel  have been the inspiration for the “Wilde Hasen” out of finest chocolate from HUSSEL. If you would like to try one of these delicious long eared friends please find

here more of the tasty temptations from HUSSEL .


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